Friday, July 02, 2010

My hope

Though I am loath to say it aloud (or type, as the case may be), things have settled down a bit for me.

It's been a whirlwind since the end of August - when I started my Saturday course with the CMA. That finished up at the end of March, but then I had to start studying, and taking the prep course for, the CMA entrance exam. I wrote that exam a couple of weeks ago, and have around six weeks to wait until I get my results. (I think it went okay - I find it's tough to say when all the questions are multiple choice.) When I get my results, I'll know what my next step is: either move on to a two year Strategic Leadership Program, or (and I hope this isn't the case) re-write the exam.

Other than that, things are good. Our daughter "R" - or "Arr" for fun - has finished Senior Kindergarten, and is looking forward to Grade 1 in the fall. In the meantime, she'll be going to daycare full-time in the summer, which she's okay with.

My lovely and amazingly talented wife "Dee" has been hard at work on her graphic novel, and it's coming along fabulously. It's a labour of love for her, and it shows. I can't wait to see every page as she finishes it.

The only other tough thing for me right now is our cat - I'll just call her Chloe (it's her real name). She's not been eating well and has lost some weight (and she didn't have a whole lot to lose), and I didn't realize how upset I've been about her state until tonight. I went to the vets this morning to return some food that she initally loved, but then when I bought a whole case of it, she deemed it unworthy. I got some dry food, but one that's supposed to be easy on her stomach as she's been throwing up her regular dry food. Well, she ate a good amount of the new dry food, and was sleeping contentedly on the couch like I haven't seen her do for a while. Watching her resting like that made me realize how worried I've been about her, and how glad I as that she seemed happy.

It didn't last. About a half an hour later, Dee heard Chloe's signature "I'm gonna throw up" meow, and she did.

I hope we're not back to square one; I hope Chloe just ate too much, too quickly and that she'll settle down and eat normally and gain back some weight. That's my hope.