Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns

So I saw Superman Returns yesterday with my wife, Diana. We both really enjoyed it. All the actors were good, and Kevin Spacey was just excellent. The action scenes were good - some were really, really good, like the plane sequence - and while there were a few holes in the story, it was good fun, sufficently close to the comics (that was one thing that bugged me about Superman 2 - all of a sudden he (or the other other Kryptonians) has these weird powers - I have to see it again though) that the fanboy in me was satisfied, but at the same time brought some new things to the character that have been there, just not played up as much as they were in the film. But it worked, and made sense, and possibly made me feel some sympathy for the character of Superman more than I ever had. Overall, very good, worth seeing, and we'll probably go see it again (maybe in 3D).

Also, I had a conversation with a coworker this morning about the gay themes that have been reported about the film. I didn't see them. But as he pointed out, the themes of alienation and aloneness really run through almost all comic characters (look at the Spider-man films, yet there are no accusations of Spider-man being gay). So I didn't see it, and kind of think it's all silly.

Of course, I did say to Diana that Christopher Reeves would never have left Lois.



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